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Oil cylinders
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Hydraulic pumping stations
Hand-operated pumps
Hydraulic hickeys
High-viscidity oil moistening machines
Other hydraulic products
Address:China Wuhan City
Qiaokougou Changfeng
special on the 8th Avenue
fax 86-27-83497100
Sales Tel :86-27-83497040 production Tel :86-27-83305257 86-27-83497011 13907115317
Celebrating our products’ passing American OEM Company’s quality examination 2008-3-28
Celebrating the accomplishment of our company’s new website 2008-3-28

 Wuhan Huaye Automation Machinery Co., Ltd is professionally devoted to developing and applying the technology of uniting and integrating machinery, automation and hydraulic pressure. The Company has a group of experienced engineers and advanced technicians.

 We develop and produce the whole sets of hydraulic pressure systems, all kinds of standard and non-standard hydro-cylinders and other……        more>>

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